3Kitchen Canopy and Extraction Duct Cleaning

Kitchen canopy cleaning and extraction duct cleaning the fat and grease build up can cause a number of serious problems, not only can it become a breeding ground for bacteria, it causes poor extraction which in turn your fan motor has to work harder thus reducing its life and in some circumstances fires have occurred so for fire regulations and health and safety a three, six or twelve monthly cleaning contract can be put in place, In accordance with the TR/19 guidelines. Kitchen canopy and extraction cleaning can be carried out during the hours that the kitchen is closed so that there is NO Disruption to the day to day function of the premises.

On completion a certificate is issued for your records and to produce to your insurers and upon request photos can be taken to provide a clear picture on how clean the system really is, we are fully insured to provide this document where many companies are not.

In addition to this we can also include deep cleaning of your filters, made to measure, order and replace any old, damaged or ones that are just beyond cleaning. We also can replace damaged or rusty sections of ducting, cut and fabricate every flat inspection/cleaning hatch to size on site (free of charge) any circular inspection/cleaning hatch has to be made to measure and pre ordered with additional charges.

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