7Hypodermic Needle Sweep and Removal

The risks involved in the removal of drugs paraphernalia are high as there is the potential spread of Hepatitis and HIV. It is extremely important that this work MUST NOT be carried out by anyone other than highly trained specialists.

This service is often used during property repossession or restoration, waste land, derelict buildings, squats, public areas and toilets anywhere that discarded needles are left and are a hazard to health.

Clean Image will sweep any area or building locating all sharps, these are then collected and removed ready for disposal. We can also provide a keep clean program in and around highly active areas to help further reduce public health. Copies of relevant documentation i.e. insurance and waste carrier’s licence can be provided on request.

If you have any questions or wish to discuss a program you can contact us direct 247 on 01736 757812 or 07867 576826 or Contact us for a free no obligation quote.